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Get Reliable and High-Speed Pocket WiFi Service While Traveling

We have become accustomed to the Internet. After all, the Internet gives us the freedom to solve almost all problems. You need to communicate, want information or need to buy something or sell something – the Internet is the answer and has all the answers. It becomes a little tough when we have weak Internet connectivity. We cannot even imagine anything without it especially while traveling. When we are out for vacation overseas, we need a reliable Internet connection- to keep updating our loved ones, to gather information about place or service, or continuing our work even being on the trip. Reasons may vary but, the need remains the same that is to have access to the super-fast Internet connection. Well, it's possible nowadays with pocket WiFi Hong Kong rental service. A little device gives you the power to stay connected with the world without any interruption and let you experience a trip that is more enjoyable and convenient.




Pocket WiFi is a portable device that allows full access to the Internet. It works just like any other WiFi device, but it has its own advantages.

  • It is easy to carry, it is portable
  • It allows WiFi-enabled devices such as mobile phones, iPads, iPhones and tablets, laptops, and cameras to connect to WiFi network
  • It provides 4G speed (super-fast)
  • 4g pocket WiFi Hong Kong allows up-to 10 devices to have access to the Internet at a same time.

This handy travel-mate is easy to use. Just turn it on, search for the network, enter password, and enjoy uninterrupted Internet access at 4G speed.


Cheaper than What You Pay for Mobile Data Roaming


Pocket WiFi Hong Kong price is affordable. There are high speed Internet plans that are way affordable than what you pay for mobile data roaming while traveling abroad.


Y5Buddy offers reliable service to enjoy high-speed Internet access while traveling abroad. They offer pocket WiFi rental service in over 48 countries. Booking a portable WiFi rental plan is easy. You can order your portable WiFi device online and collect it from their office in Hong Kong or they will deliver it to your address/ home/ office.


For more information visit - Y5buddy.com



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Pocket WiFi- A Reliable Travel-mate!

Our world revolves around the Internet. It has become one of the most necessary aspects of our life. You must have experienced a feeling of being helpless when there is no Internet connectivity. Life seems to slow down with weaker signals. The technology has surprisingly improved our life by bringing access to almost everything on our fingertips. No matter where you are. In the home country or abroad, technology has spread its wings in all corners of the world. And, it let you stay connected too. We are discussing a type of Internet connection service that you can travel with. We are talking about pocket WiFi HK.




Pocket WiFi – A Portable Connection to the Internet


It is a portable router which is actually a small wireless hotspot but comes with super-fast connectivity and strong signals to access the Internet. It broadcast a WiFi signal which allows your devices and gadgets to get access to the Internet.


Pocket WiFi Rental Service and Its Benefits

  • The device is small and slight. It is easy to carry while traveling anywhere.
  • It gives full access to the Internet with 4G speed and strong signals.
  • It connects up to 10 devices (WiFi enabled devices and gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers) at a time.
  • Pocket WiFi Hong Kong rental service is available at affordable costs. It is cheaper than using mobile data networks while traveling to other countries.

Easy to Connect and Use


Japan WiFi egg device connects easily. There are simple steps to follow and you stay connected to the world –

  • Hold the power button and turn on the device
  • Search and select the network name via WiFi-enabled device
  • Enter your portable network password which is generally labeled on the back of the WiFi device
  • And enjoy the fast speed connectivity, anytime, anywhere

Y5 Buddy offers pocket WiFi HK service in over 48 countries at affordable costs. They provide portable devices to let you enjoy hassle-free travel while having super-fast and reliable 4G coverage. You can order your portable WiFi device online. You can collect the device from their office in Hong Kong or they will deliver it to your address/ home/ office.


For more information visit - Y5buddy.com



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Affordable And Convenient WiFi Device While Traveling Around The World

Perhaps the plan of your next vacation comes with the problem of limited Internet access throughout the trip. Most of the mobile network providers charge a huge sum of money for Internet usage during your phone works in roaming. It can be very expensive still didn't come with the guarantee of the best network while traveling to remote areas.


The best solution to this problem can be pocket WiFi HK. Just take portable WiFi device on rent while traveling and stay connected to the world 24x7. There are numerous perks that you can reap using this convenient portable WiFi device.





These portable devices are easy-on-pocket. Using the Internet provided by your mobile service provider can be very expensive, and might not give you the same strong and fast connectivity while traveling. On the other hand, if you take a portable WiFi device on rent, it becomes way too affordable and yet reliable. You can use the Internet anytime and anywhere without interruptions. The network is best even if you are traveling internationally or any long-distance remote areas of the country. You will get the best network everywhere.


With pocket WiFi Hong Kong rental services, one of the most advantageous factors is that you can connect up-to 10 devices with one single network. There is no need to pay separately, for all available devices. Just one portable WiFi device is enough to provide networking for mobile, laptop, iPad, tablets etc. simultaneously.




The device is small and lightweight. It is too easy to carry anywhere. Just keep it inside your pocket or travel-bag and stay connected without any disturbance.


Stay Connected 24 X 7


Now you can stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues anytime, anywhere. You can access social network platforms to contact them whenever you need or require. You can easily update your trip on social networks. Uploading recent travel photographs becomes fast and speedy.


Y5Buddy offers the best pocket WiFi devices.Users can have access to the unlimited Internet across most of the countries around the globe. This device comes with an additional advantage to save your Internet usage bill up-to great extent. Now, it doesn't matter, whether you're traveling to Japan or any other country, you can travel with fast and convenient Japan WiFi egg or any other WiFi plan and can stay connected to the world easily.


For more information, visit Y5buddy.com



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Pocket WiFi: Unlimited High-Speed Internet Everywhere

We rely on the Internet not only to shop or find the desired information but to communicate as well. Whether you want to share your pictures on social media or make a video call, the Internet makes it every easier. A high-speed Internet connection is something you never want to lose, especially when you are traveling to another country.




In comparison to various options, pocket WiFi HK proved to be the best among all. You may find free WiFi spots during your travel to a different country, but it is limited to the area and has privacy risks. The second option is prepaid SIM cards which are also easy to carry. But, it will drain your phone's battery especially when you are sharing your Internet through the hotspot. Using a portable WiFi device is profitable as it is tiny, and fits easily inside a pocket. It works as a wireless hotspot and uses a 4G mobile network to connect other devices to the Internet. It gives up to 9 hours of battery backup and supports connecting up to 10 devices. Most importantly, it allows you to connect to the 4G Internet everywhere. Those are some important reasons why portable WiFi device is best and why every traveler should buy it.


How to use a pocket WiFi?


It is extremely simple to use pocket WiFi Hong Kong rental, you just need to choose the right data plan as per daily needs. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow to access the Internet through a pocket WiFi device.

  • Search for the wireless signal name on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Press and hold the power button to turn on the pocket WiFi.
  • Enter your password of the WiFi network which is labeled on the device.
  • After that, you can use the internet in the device and can do the same to connect to other devices. 

Carrying a reliable Internet connection will keep you connected to your loved ones and can give you a seamless travel experience. It is recommended to buy it from a reliable company that offers high-performance and cost-effective portable WiFi devices. At Y5Buddy, you can buy the best 4g pocket WiFi Hong Kong devices to get high-speed Internet abroad. Their devices can be used in different countries including Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. So, it's the perfect choice for travelers. You can connect pocket WiFi with various gadgets such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and digital cameras to stay online.


For more information, visit Y5buddy.com



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Pocket WiFi- The Perfect Source to Access Internet While Traveling Abroad

Hong Kong is a dream destination for many individuals from all around the world. It is one of the most vibrant and bustling territories situated in southeastern China and consider as one major shopping destination. It's Victoria Peak, Disneyland, Tsim Sha Tsui, Avenue of stars, Repulse Bay are some most amazing places where you can enjoy the best days of your life. Also, it's fabulous beaches stimulates surf or snorkeling lovers to enjoy all their liked activities to the fullest. If you are one of the luckiest persons of the world who get a chance to travel to Hong Kong, never miss this opportunity! No doubt, this place is far from your homeland and it's quite hard for you to connect with your loved ones back home. Thus, we recommend you to get a pocket WiFi Hong Kong rental services from the best service provider to stay in touch with your family in your host country.




Pocket WiFi is a small gadget which offers total freedom and mobility to use it anywhere without worries or difficulties. It's a wireless gadget just like a home WiFi router which broadcast signals and creates a personal network through which you can connect your device to.4g pocket WiFi Hong Kong has a long enough battery life which typically increases if you carry power-bank with you. This innovative gadget provides Internet access to about 10 compatible devices at the same time. So, it's better to get it before you begin your trip. Nowadays, several stores providing these wireless gadgets are begun to pop-up. You only need to cherry-pick the best firm, browse plans on their website, and finally book it prior to your trip.


From so many online stores, if you feel confused about which is the best firm, then do connect with Y5Buddy. It a reliable online source providing a top-grade pocket WiFi rental services to the Globetrotters to access unlimited Internet everywhere. Yes! You heard it right. They provide unlimited Internet so that you can use every apps, social media sites, navigate the route, search things, and perform all those tasks which you want to do. Also, their pocket WiFi Hong Kong price is reasonable enough that will surely fall within your budget. Their devices have a battery life of nine-plus hours and can share connectivity up 10 devices. So, visit their website, browse plans, and order your pocket WiFi before you kick-start your journey.


For more details, visit- Y5buddy.com



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Rent Portable WiFi Devices and Access Internet Wherever You Travel

In the wake of this digital era, the world has become so compact. Our life totally revolves around one thing called – the Internet. From traveling, shopping to banking and entertainment, mobile phones are one such gadget that empowers us to access anything in just one click. Since the introduction of the Internet, the world is completely revolutionized and the Internet becomes a very crucial element of our daily life. In modern times, WiFi connectivity has improved the user experience even more. WiFi technology allows users to access the Internet with their smartphones, laptops and other portable devices. So users can browse their favorite websites on the go wherever they are traveling. One of the best development of WiFi technology is travel pocket WiFi. It is a small handy device that one can easily carry in their backpacks while traveling and access unlimited Internet.




Nowadays, many frequent travelers opt for portable WiFi rental HK. With the easy to install and carry, pocket WiFi devices offer several advantages while traveling. Let's have a look at some of them:


1. Wired WiFi routers usually require you to undergo a long and tiring installation process. But portable wifi and other such portable WiFi devices can be installed in a hassle-free way.


2. Mobility is one of the main advantages of using pocket WiFi while traveling. These handy devices can be used to access WiFi without been restricted in a specific area. Unlike the wired WFi connection, pocket WiFi can be carried around effortlessly as it does not require being connected to any wires. All you have to do is place the device in your pocket or bag!


3. These devices are very cheap and can be rented to make a tour easy. Many people actually prefer getting a WiFi rental as these devices are available at very affordable rates and users can return them once they no longer require these devices.


If you want a portable WiFi device but do not know where to buy pocket WiFi in Hong Kong, do visit Y5 Buddy. They offer a wide range of portable WiFi devices at affordable rates. Their devices work using cutting-edge technology and are highly efficient in their functioning. Y5 Buddy provide the best pocket WiFi service so you can use their products and browse the Internet seamlessly.


For more information, visit Y5Buddy.com



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Pocket WiFi- A New Age Device to Avail Reliable Internet Overseas

If you're planning for a trip whose primary motivation is to take a break from the everyday distressing life, then relaxing on the beaches of Hong Kong is the best way to have incredible fun. Hong Kong- a territory consists of large skyscrapers and plenty of magnificent beaches to swim, enjoy sunbathing, surf, and experience the real beauty of nature. However, it's no wonder, the longer you're away, more troublesome it's to connect with your friends and family. So, what you should do to stay connected with the world? Well, the latest technology provides us with so many ways to do so like having a travel pocket WiFi, international SIM card, and so on.




Pocket WiFi is a small wireless dongle works similar to the WiFi router at home. This device, when turns on creates a personal hotspot through which all the compatible devices in the vicinity can connect to and avail Internet services. Pocket WiFi doesn't require any setups and can work seamlessly around the world.Portable WiFi rental HK services are pretty good for those who carry more devices than just a smartphone and those who travel in groups. As it allows 5-10 devices to access the Internet anytime, anywhere and also, have great battery life.


If you're not a frequent traveler than renting a pocket WiFi is definitely an ideal option. It's cost-effective and saves you from the sky-high roaming charges by existing services carrier. So, book your pocket WiFi prior to your trip and search and book hotels and cabs, navigate routes, share snaps, and chat with your friends and family back home- Enjoy unlimited data during your entire journey.


Pocket WiFi is a great source of availing Internet abroad only if you rent it from a trustworthy source. With so many stores online, it's difficult to identify which store to choose. So, make sure to ask for referrals and trust the one whose customers are more satisfied. One reliable online platform is Y5Buddy. It's a dependable store providing pocket WiFi rental Japan services to the Globetrotters at affordable prices. They always deliver the latest gadgets which will help you to avail continuous services during your entire trip span. At this store, they also provide delivery and pick up options so that you can conveniently get your device prior to the beginning of your vacation.


For more details, visit Y5buddy.com



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Are You Traveling Overseas? Get Pocket WiFi to Avail Continuous Data Services

There's nothing more pleasurable than pursuing Wanderlust with your best buddies. It's unforgettable, hilarious, and take you out of the frantic rhythm of life. Traveling pushes you outside your comfort zone and provides you time and space to identify yourselves. It will be surely the best days you've ever spend with your best friends.


If you're the one looking for the best place to travel, then do visit to Japan. Japan- one of the most breathtaking island nations possess numerous imperial palaces, national parks, dozens of shrines and temples and much more. So, consider visiting this place and enjoy each and every moment of your trip. However, while vacationing, it's impossible for you to live without Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram which are now become an integral part of our daily life. So, you need fast and reliable Internet access while traveling. Well! There are a lot of ways to avail Internet services and pocket WiFi rental Japan is one of them.




Pocket WiFi- An Overview


In simple words, a pocket WiFi is typically a small-sized gadget that connects to the nearest cellular tower and broadcast signals through which you can connect compatible devices. A major perk you can reap using a portable WiFi is that you can connect up to 10 smart devices at the same time. Furthermore, there are numerous firms out there which provide unlimited reliable data so that you can use Internet everywhere whether you're on the road trip or relaxing in the mountains. Renting the best pocket WiFi service for the duration of your trip is cost-effective yet saves you from the exorbitant roaming charges applied by your telecom carrier.


So, book this device online through a trusted company's website and company then ship the device to your address. In this way, you can get a mobile hotspot right to you even without leaving a couch. With so many firms out there, one prominent and reputable pocket WiFi service provider is Y5 Buddy. It's an online platform providing a portable WiFi with fast and reliable 4G coverage in most countries. No matter, whether you want Hong Kong WiFi rentalor services for any other destination, explore the plans on their website and order your pocket WiFi conveniently at affordable prices.


For more details, visit Y5buddy.com


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Enjoy High-Speed and Unlimited Internet Access in Hong Kong with Pocket WiFi

Hong Kong also known as the Pearl of the Orient is one of the best travel destinations in Asia. Whether you are a shopaholic, foodie, or an admirer of beautiful places, this city has everything that you need. You may already have packed your bags for the Hong Kong trip and ready to go but traveling without a reliable Internet device can make you suffer. The 4G pocket WiFi Hong Kong devices are very popular these days. These devices are really handy, provide fast and unlimited Internet when you travel overseas. However, there are still so many things you need to ensure before buying a pocket WiFi device.




 Compare different Internet plan prices


Luckily there are plenty of online and offline stores where you can find and compare different devices. First of all, you should define your daily usage like how much are data you will consume every day. Then examine the device by speed, data allowance, cost, delivery, and return options. This will help you find the best pocket WiFi Hong Kong rental plan as per your daily needs.


Network operator and Coverage


Most of the travelers talk to their family via video or audio call to keep them informed. They often get annoyed by an unstable Internet connection that disappoints them. Signal strength may not be good everywhere during your journey. So you should choose a reputable network operator when buying a pocket WiFi device. To reduce the remaining possibilities of inconvenience, we recommend you to search for some top network operators of the country that you are going to visit.




Pocket WiFi devices can be connected to multiple devices which is one of the most important reasons we prefer using it. However, some devices support to connect more than 5 device and some supports up to 10 devices. If you are going to travel with your friends or family and want to use pocket WiFi then make sure it supports to connect up to 10 devices. This will help you to access the Internet in different gadgets like tablets, laptops, and smartphones and keep your Internet bills in a limit.


The last and obvious factor is the battery capacity that you need to check along with the pocket WiFi Hong Kong price, plan, and connectivity. At Y5Buddy, you can find reasonably priced and high-performance pocket WiFi devices to travel in Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, and other countries.


For more information, visit Y5buddy.com



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Why Pocket WiFi is the Best Source For Availing The Internet Services Abroad?

You're heading to Hong Kong for the first time and you're super excited, in fact, you plan to share your adventure snaps with all your friends back home on a real-time basis. But, besides all these planning, there is one thing that makes you sit around and contemplating- the way of accessing a reliable Internet when you're abroad. Whilst dealing with terribly slow and interrupted Internet services, we usually feel like an endless battle- waiting for apps to respond or pages to load. So, make sure to identify the best means to avail the Internet services overseas. With the improvement in technology, we have far more options to access the Internet and more often at lower rates. One such way is opting for Hong Kong WiFi rental services.


Why Pocket WiFi?


International roaming plan is the one way that allows you to use mobile data abroad but, its big downside is that you'll get little data for a lot of cash. Also, the international SIM card is another option but, aren't the first choice for many travelers because it's not worth investing in SIM cards every time you plan an international trip. So, here comes the need for reliable and the best pocket WiFi service. It is a small standalone device which connects to a cellular network for data and let you link your devices to avail continuous Internet services seamlessly. Furthermore, one major perk of using this gadget is that many service providers offer unlimited 4G data to the users to make their trip more memorable.


Well to know, one might rent this pocket WiFi device either before they actually leave for a trip or from the brick and mortar store after landing. However, having a device in your hand prior to leaving ensures peace of mind. So, make sure to order your device via a reliable online store to avoid any pitfall. If you want a pocket WiFi for your Hong Kong tour, pocket WiFi rental Japan services for your Japan tour, or any other services, consider connecting with Y5Buddy. It is a leading firm offering reliable pocket WiFi services to their clients at reasonable prices. They provide gadgets which are the latest model having nine-plus hours of battery life and can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. So, enjoy unlimited Internet services by renting this device from Y5Buddy.


For more details, visit Y5buddy.com



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Purchase Pocket WiFi Rental for Your Next International Trip

Are you planning to visit abroad?


Well, it is always good to take out some time from busy work life and explore unknown places. When you plan an international trip, there are certain things that need to be fixed prior to your departure. Starting from booking hotels and flights to getting visa and more. For doing all this stuff, there is one important thing required is an Internet connection. While it is easy to access the Internet when you are in your home country, unlike in foreign countries where finding the reliable Internet connectivity option becomes quite difficult. And not having access to the Internet can make your trip a little bit difficult. To avoid such situations, renting the best pocket WiFi service is a great option to get a 24*7 Internet connection.



The Internet connection in foreign countries is quite expensive especially when you are traveling to Japan. You have to pay hefty roaming charges that can imbalance your international trip budget. On the other hand, pocket WiFi rental Japan is a small handy device that offers you with 24*7 internet connectivity at very affordable plans. Data plans for pocket WiFi falls under 2 categories: prepaid and postpaid plans. So you are going to only for what data you have used on the trip. There are no hidden charges available in pocket WiFi rental. Also, pocket WiFi is designed using advanced technology features that allow you to connect up to 10 devices at a time. It is very easy to install and carry device that offers 4G network speed so that your journey becomes hassle-free. From exploring maps on the foreign streets, checking for nearest restaurants to connecting with your loved ones on your homeland, pocket WiFi rental is the best device to carry in your backpack while traveling abroad.


To buy this amazing device, you can visit your nearest physical data store or can buy it online. There are many online data card stores available that offers a wide option to choose for pocket WiFi rental Hong Kong. One such trusted reliable data card store is Y5 Buddy. They offer a comprehensive collection of pocket WiFi to get unlimited internet access while traveling abroad.


For more information, visit - Y5Buddy.com



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Which Pocket WiFi Device is Right for Travelers?

The pocket WiFi devices are the perfect choice for travelers to access the Internet overseas. There are thousands of products available in both online and offline market. But it is confusing for most people to find a high-performance pocket WiFi HK at an affordable price. These devices come with different features and prices so you need to take a look at all features before buying one.


We are now going to talk about some of the most important features that you should check before buying pocket WiFi Device.




Better connectivity


While using the Internet in our own country is fun. But it is troublesome to get good coverage when using the pocket WiFi abroad. Make sure your device is supported by a reliable network operator in order to get coverage everywhere. If you are a frequent traveler then you should buy a WiFi egg HK that supports working in various countries.


Unlimited Internet at an affordable price


The pocket WiFi devices can be chosen according to your daily usage. However, these plans are costly as you need to pay the high roaming charges. Traveling with limited data may leave you regretting, so always buy a pocket WiFi that offers unlimited access to the Internet without high data roaming charges.


Facility to connect multiple devices


We use the Internet on laptops, tablets, and share the Internet with friends and family during the trip. Some devices support to connect maximum 5 devices and some can be used to connect up to 10 devices. It is another important feature that you should not overlook while buying a pocket WiFi. Whether you travel with family or along, you don't need to worry about Internet access.


Moreover, you should check the device for the battery backup and delivery facility. All these mentioned points are valuable and can help you decide to find a suitable Japan WiFi egg at low cost. The use of pocket WiFi is not limited to people who travel to other countries for fun but useful for business travelers as well. So if you want to save yourself from the huge roaming bill, always examine the features of a pocket WiFi device. You can also get all of these features by choosing Y5Buddy. It is a Hong Kong based company which offers high-performance portable WiFi devices with $28 HKD plan. Their pocket WiFi devices offer all features required to get unlimited 4G Internet and work in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and other countries. For more information, visit Y5buddy.com



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Choose the Best Pocket WiFi Service While Traveling Abroad

Nowadays, traveling becomes a more convenient and safe that people from all around the world love to travel to get a break from their hectic schedule and explore unknown places. But when we travel to any foreign country, it becomes difficult to keep up with the Internet because of hefty roaming charges especially when you are traveling to any Asian country like Hong Kong. The easy solution to this problem is opting for Hong Kong WiFi rental.



The power of revolutionary technologies made our lives so easy that it doesn't matter which corner of the world you are, one can easily stay connected to their loved ones if they have access to the Internet. In this digital age, there is a wide range of gadgets available like a pocket WiFi that is a small handy device allowing travelers to connect their smart devices to the Internet. Let’s talk about some of the excellent features of pocket WiFi devices:


Easy to Install


Being a pocket-sized small device, pocket WiFi devices are easy to install in a hassle-free manner as compared to the wired WiFi routers. When you have such amazing easy-to-use device, all you have to do is keep this handy device in the pocket and you are ready to go to explore the world.



High-Speed Internet Connectivity 


Pocket WiFi devices are designed to provide 4G high-speed Internet connectivity while traveling abroad. And data access can be shared with more than one devices with the same lightning fast speed. The best pocket WiFi service provides 24*7 Internet access wherever you travel.




Nowadays, in most of the places like shopping malls, banks or restaurants it is easy to access public WiFi. But when we talk about security, it is a big concern as public WiFi are always in the eyes of hackers to steal information and misuse it. On the other hand, pocket WiFi rental Japan devices are designed using high tech technologies to keep security as the premier constraint. It allows the user to set a password that prevents any unauthorized access to the device.


So if you are planning to travel abroad, rent a travel pocket WiFi to avoid sky-high roaming charges. The best store to buy a pocket WiFi is Y5 Buddy. It is one of the leading and reliable stores that offers a wide range of pocket WiFi device at very competitive rates. Their devices provide unlimited high-speed Internet that can be shared up to 10 devices.


For more information, visit Y5Buddy.com



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How to Stay Connected to the Internet Where Ever You Travel?

A 4G pocket WiFi Hong Kong is a great option to connect to the Internet while traveling. Y5Buddy offers a wide range of 4G pocket WiFi rental with unlimited data.

For more information, visit - http://www.y5buddy.com/

Source: http://www.y5buddy.com

Pocket WiFi or SIM Card- Which One is Better For International Traveling?

Traveling is one of those things which re-energizes you and making you feel excited and enthusiastic. Especially, this excitement becomes double if you are going abroad. To make your trip successful, it is crucial to spend enough time to research about the best destinations and preparing essential things respectively. However, travel has changed significantly in the last few years largely due to the new innovations in technology. In earlier days, it's never been easier to connect or avail Internet facilities while traveling and also, opting for a foreign data plan from a current carrier is expensive. But today, we have a number of means to stay connected with the world such as pocket WiFi rental japan, local SIM cards, or an international SIM card.



Local SIM cards are those which you need to purchase from every country you are visiting. Although, it is one way to connect with the network but, not a convenient source if you are moving to multiple countries during your trip. Also, every country has their own set of rules regarding the issuance of SIM card. So, you'll only be eligible to get it, if you comply with all their regulations. Moreover, travelers can also think of buying an international SIM card. It is a more flexible option than local SIMs in terms of coverage area. These cards are available for purchase prior to the trip so that you can check its compatibility with your device. Apart from SIM cards, portable WiFi rental HK is also an ideal option to enjoy better connectivity at reasonable rates.


A pocket WiFi is a highly mobile and small wireless gadget that allows smart devices to access Internet services effectively even when the users are on the go. Unless SIM cards, people can connect up to 10 devices (laptop, smartphones, tablets) simultaneously. In most of the cases, companies offer pocket WiFi rentals with unlimited data. So, if you are on vacation in beautiful Hong Kong or Japan, you can use maps, browsers, log-in social media accounts or use any application without worrying about the slowing down in speed.


So, it is a better idea to rent a pocket WiFi from a reliable source. One competent firm offering the best pocket WiFi service is Y5buddy. They provide portable WiFi device on rent in over 48 countries all at affordable prices. All their devices offer fast and reliable Internet connection and allow you to share it among 10 devices instantly.


For more details, visit Y5buddy.com



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Source: http://www.y5buddy.com

Rent a Reliable Pocket WiFi And Use Continuous 4G Data Services

Traveling overseas gives us the chance to be truly engaged in exciting activities and discovering a new culture. It's the best way to spend valuable time with your loved ones and even for enjoying some 'ME' time. Thus, plan an international trip on a regular basis to refresh or De-stress yourselves and enjoy the gift of nature. However, it is an enriching experience but, we can't deny that the long distance we're away, the more difficult it is to stay connected with the family and friends in the host country. So, always search for a better approach to reach or connect with others while traveling. One way to stay in touch with the world is through pocket WiFi rental Japan.




Pocket WiFi is a small gadget that will help you to access the Internet services everywhere you are moving, with full flexibility. It is one of the biggest innovations in technology which could possibly make our lives better and provide overwhelming support whilst traveling abroad. Being an individual, everybody is accustomed to having an Internet 24/7 but, it is quite expensive to use existing provider's data services abroad. That's why it is a good idea to rent a WiFi egg HK which will help you to stay online anywhere at affordable prices.


A portable WiFi router is easy to use device just like your home's Internet box but uses wireless technology instead of cabling. Hiring a pocket WiFi is convenient for group traveling that needs connectivity while on the go because it allows the holder to offer Internet access to 5-10 WiFi-enabled devices simultaneously. Generally, renting this gadget from a competent store offers you unlimited data so, you can use it effectively without worrying about slowing down in speed.


There are several varieties of pocket WiFi available in the market with different capabilities. It totally depends on your budget and other needs, whether you want to rent a device with minimum functionality or fully-fledged device with a lot of functions. If you are planning for a trip and being confused about where to buy pocket WiFi in Hong Kong, consider connecting with Y5Buddy. It is the firm which offers the latest models of pocket WiFi which provides the fastest and most reliable 4G connection. All their products have 9 plus hours of battery life and are available on rent at competitive prices.


For more details, visit Y5buddy.com



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