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Where to Buy Pocket WiFi in Hong Kong?

Whether you want to travel abroad for business purposes or just as a tourist, a reliable pocket WiFi device is something you should never miss. Even if your internet packs on your phone or is going to use public WiFi, nothing offers better convenience or facilities. Since we have plenty of pocket WiFi sellers online and offline, it has become difficult to buy affordable and high-quality travel pocket WiFi. There are so many things to check and compare prices, plans, and performance of multiple devices.

If you are already using a pocket and not satisfied with the quality and performance then you need to go for a different device. Here we will try to figure out where to buy pocket WiFi in Hong Kong so that you can access high-speed and unlimited internet in the country you will be visiting.


It is probably the first thing you need to check when buying pocket WiFi. Choosing a product from a reliable brand will give surety of quality and convenience. Always search for some popular brands and check reviews of their previous customers.


Cost definitely varies as per the brand you choose, make sure the cost of the product and plan is based on the features and benefits they are offering,

Speed and Data Allowance

Once you decide your daily internet usage and duration of travel in another country, choose a WiFi egg HK device with sufficient internet plan and data allowance.

Delivery and Return

Some companies provide home delivery facilities and options to pick from their offices. If you are running out of time, then make sure there is an option for home delivery.

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