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Prepare Thoroughly for Your Perfect Trip to Abroad – Get Your Pocket Wi-Fi Now

What do you do when you are at home and you need to access the internet? You simply use a mobile internet data pack or maybe a broadband service at home to connect to internet. Even when you are in another city or town in your own country, you can easily connect to the internet. But what do you do when you are traveling abroad or overseas and you need internet connectivity? If you still depend on mobile data pack or public Wi-Fi, then you must know about pocket Wi-Fi rental Japan.

Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket Wi-Fi is a small and portable wireless device that helps users to connect through the mobile network. It broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal which allows Wi-Fi enabled device to get access to 4G internet connectivity. It transforms 4G signals into a private Wi-Fi signal letting users enjoy uninterrupted internet connection with super-fast speed.

Benefits of subscribing to Hong Kong Wi-Fi Rental

  • Digital security

This portable service provides complete security and safety as compared to those insecure public Wi-Fi networks.


  • Uninterrupted Internet Access

With the help of a pocket router, users get uninterrupted internet access at 4G speed.

  • Affordable

Pocket Wi-Fi rental Japan is available for users at affordable cost, cheaper than paying mobile data roaming charges while traveling abroad.


  • Easy to Install and Simple to Use

It is really simple and easy to install and use. By holding the power button user can turn on the device. Searching and selecting the network name via a Wi-Fi enabled device is the second step. By enter portable network password which is generally labeled on the back of the Wi-Fi device, a user is ready to enjoy the 4G internet access.

Y5Buddy offers best pocket Wi-Fi service across most of the countries. A portable device is offered to users so that they can prepare thoroughly for their perfect trip abroad. They can place an order and collect the device from the provider’s office in Hong Kong or it can be delivered at their address.

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